Woking Cobbler


Woking Cobbler is a full service shoe repair shop specialising in the repair and restoration of men's and women's shoes. They also repair leather goods such as handbags and belts.

Woking Cobbler will take a well worn favorite pair of shoes and make them like new again! He has saved multitudes of "soles" over his distinguished career and will use the same care and attention to detail to bring your favorites back to life!  

Services include:

Men’s Shoes:
Full Soles, Half Soles, Heels, Toe and Heel Plates, Shine

Women’s Shoes:
Soles, Heels, Toe and Heel Plates, Shine

General Repair:
Rips and Tears of - Handbags, Belts, Dog Collars, Luggage/Backbacks, Leather Coats/Garments, Zipper Replacement/Repair for boots/shoes (general rule of thumb - bring it in so they can see it to let you know if it is repairable)



Market Walk Centre / UNIT 169


07828 565182


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