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Show your bestie how much they mean to you this Valentine’s Day! Which gift set best describes you and your bestie?! #LoveClaires

The explorers!

You and your bestie are always dreaming of your next big trip! You love to travel to all corners of the world and love nothing more than to explore a new city or to discover a hidden beach! Our city of love, Paris themed accessories are the perfect symbol of your friendship! We also think a trip to Paris with our four-legged friend sounds like a pretty adorable trip!

Heart Power!

You and your bestie love to express how much you mean to each other, you’re always together and have know each other for a lifetime! These Valentine’s accessories are the perfect way to say thank you to your BFF for always being there for you!

Sweet Treats!

If you and your bestie share the moto ‘food, friends, sunshine’ and you’re always cooking together or just love sweet treats then you’ll be mad for these accessories! Show your BFF how much they mean to you this Valentine’s Day with their fave food accessory!

Glam Queens!

You and your bestie love nothing more than a girly night in full of pampering, movies and hot chocolate! She loves all the same movies as you and is always on hand with the latest beauty top tips! Any mention of a face mask or nail makeover and she’s there!

Tech Gurus

The selfie queens! You and your bestie are always snapping selfies and sharing your latest Insta pic! You love to send each other the cutest texts and emojis and are never without your tech!

Trend Twins!

You and your bestie share the moto, “it’s an add to cart kinda day!” Your weekend is all about hitting the shops together to find the hottest trends and accessories! You’re always pulling together new outfits and love sharing styling tips!


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