The Best Audiobooks To Listen To This Summer


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We love updating you on our favourite reads, but with the heatwave reaching its peak this week, we figured you might not feel like reading a book. Sometimes you just want to lay down, listen and let  the stories unfold in your head – so we rounded up five of the best audiobooks to listen to on a hot summer day…

1. The Beekeeper of Aleppo by Christy Lefteri


They were living a happy life, but when all they care for is destroyed by war, Nuri and his wife Afra are forced to escape. Listen in as they embark on a perilous journey towards an uncertain future in Britain…

2. The Familiars by Stacey Halls


Fleetwood is 17 years old, married, and pregnant for the fourth time, but she still has no child. When she crosses paths with the young midwife Alice who is drawn into witchcraft accusations sweeping the North-West, Fleetwood risks everything trying to help her…

3. The Holiday by T M Logan


It was supposed to be the perfect holiday for Kate to turn 40, but she suspects that her husband is having an affair with one of her best friends. As Kate closes in on the truth, she realises too late that the stakes are far higher than she ever imagined. Someone is prepared to kill to keep their secret hidden…

4. My Shit Therapist by Michelle Thomas


From medication and therapy to mates and dates, this audiobook offers advice and tricks to help you navigate the world and understand the social constructs that can contribute to mental ill health and a misbehaving brain…

5. Wilde Woman by Louise Pentland


When Robin Wilde, mum, newly-appointed official girlfriend, make-up artist extraordinaire and general plate-spinning, life-juggling, balance-seeking badass, or so she likes to think, is asked to go to the States for work, it seems like the perfect getaway. But will the city that never sleeps make or break them?




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