A Summer To Love… Linen!




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We recently had a visit from our friends at the I Love Linen Initiative (who help to make some of our amazing linen pieces), and wow. They have given us so many more reasons to love linen (almost too many), which is why we believe that every wardrobe - or suitcase - should be home to at least one item of this summer style essential.


First and foremost, it’s one of the most sustainable fabrics in the world. As linen is made from flax fibres, which require less water and chemicals to be cultivated, it’s environmentally friendly and has a positive effect on the ecosystem - helping to regenerate the soil quality for future crops during rotation periods. And thanks to its length, flax is also the most resistant of natural fibres. It’s 30% stronger and more durable than cotton!


Did we mention hypoallergenic? Because you should know that linen has a beneficial effect on all types of skin conditions. It also stands up well to spinning and machine drying, and it’s easy to iron too - becoming suppler with age. So, it’s safe to say that linen is a super fabric, and that’s why we love it. A lot.



SOURCE: Fatface

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