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Let’s be real: when it comes to clothes, men’s fashion trends seem straight-up predictable at first glance. Most lads turn to black jeans, oversized hoodies and comfy tees by second nature, probably because these pieces are so easy to style.

There’s actually a lot more to men’s clothes than first meets the eye – and looking into the men’s fashion trends for the year can really boost your trend appeal.

Start this year’s fashion journey off the right way with our prediction of men’s fashion trends for the rest of the year.

Men’s fashion trends for 2019:

  • Sage and khaki – both versatile shades of green, these colours are the ones to watch this year.

  • Light wash denim – black is out and light wash is in. Swap your dark denim for edgy bleached jackets and jeans.

  • Crossbody sports bags – stylish and practical, what could be better?

  • Prints and patterns – go bold with daring prints and bright patterns.

  • Sherpa – also known as ‘teddy’, this cosy fabric looks surprisingly urban when worn as a jumper or coat.

  • White – lots of white results in a fresh, crisp outfit that works no matter the season.


Trend one: Sage is all the rage


When it comes to colour, turn your attention towards sage and khaki. Both versatile shades of green, khaki tends to have a yellow or tan undertone compared to the greyer green of sage. They’ve been popping up all over the runways and we’re seeing these shades are going to be everywhere this year.

Earthy tones are the perfect alternative to black and grey, which is what many of us are guilty of turning to when stocking our wardrobe. Khaki may have already popular due to the beloved camo trend, but this year is officially the year of these green hues. It’s easy to incorporate khaki into everyday looks via chinos or cargo pants, which are simple to style with darker tees.

Sage jackets, on the other hand, look sharp when paired with some dark jeans or joggers. Try rolling the cuffs of your trousers up to show off a flash of white socks for a sporty vibe. Pair it with white trainers and a navy short sleeve tee for an easy yet stylish outfit that’s perfect for watching the big game in a trendy sports bar.

You should avoid wearing khaki and sage together. One key piece, such as a tee or jacket, in either colour, is enough to show off the trend naturally.


Trend two: denim is the new black


As essential as black denim is, this year it’s all about light wash.

Not only is it more practical in the sweltering summer months, but light wash denim will also have you standing out from the usual uniform of black jeans.

Bleached jeans and shorts look pristine when worn with white clothing, such as t-shirts or shoes. White canvas trainers look tighter with light wash denim, so choose this style over dark mesh or chunky dad shoes.

In fact, base the entire outfit around lighter colours such as white, pale greys and nautical stripes as they look flawless with bleached jeans. If you’re trying this trend during the colder months, sling a sage or khaki bomber jacket on. Nail two trends at once.

The resulting look is perfect for a lunch with some mates or treating a date to a casual drink on a rooftop bar. For a more smart-casual setting, swap the tee for a white fitted shirt to show off those gym gains while sticking to the dress code.


Trend three: in the bag


2019 is the year for man-bags to shine. Don’t worry – these ultra-sporty sling bags aren’t going to ruin your rep. With camo prints, mesh elements and discreet pockets, you’ll look festival ready with one of these styles slung across your shoulder.

They’re probably one of the easiest trends to incorporate into your current wardrobe as it suits so many styles. For a sleek yet sporty vibe, pair your choice of bag with a monochrome sweatshirt, denim shorts and canvas trainers.

If you prefer an urban vibe, pair your sports bag with grey joggers, chunky trainers and a fitted white long sleeve top. Feeling the cold? An oversized hoodie should do the trick.


Trend four: loud and proud prints


Why blend in when you can stand out? Go bold and bright by experimenting with unique prints.

Some people absolutely love clashing prints, but we suggest toning down the overall look by pairing a bright top with black jeans or tan chinos. This will put the print centre stage rather than having to battle against other pieces.

You don’t have to go overly wild if that’s really not your thing. More subtle prints such as camo and stripes still count, although you could try and get creative with botanical patterns. Rich earthy tones and leaf patterns make use of the sage trend, plus look great with light wash denim. You’ll be able to boss three of our top trends without looking like a try-hard.

If you want to meet somewhere in the middle, try featuring a patterned accessory like a hat. That way you can rock the trend without straying from your comfort zone too much.


Trend five: super soft sherpa


For someone looking for an outfit that’s equally cosy as it is stylish, sherpa is a dream. Some days we just want to be comfortable, but that shouldn’t mean looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed. Swapping your regular hoodie for one with a sherpa lining is a way of instantly upgrading an outfit with ease.

Whether you’re heading to a class you’d rather miss or just chilling out with the lads, there’s no reason you can’t look your best, and sherpa proves that. Style an oversized sherpa hoodie with skinny fit joggers and slip-on trainers.

The unusual fleece-like appearance of sherpa should be allowed to shine past the other pieces. Try not to pair any bright colours with it or it may just look brash. If you do fancy a bit of colour with your look, stick with burgundy, greys and, of course, our beloved sage.


Trend six: it’s all-white


While it’s not a great trend for the clumsy amongst us, all white outfits are going to be huge in 2019. Crisp, fresh and eye-catching, this is a trend we’ll be rocking all year round.

For a summer-appropriate outfit, pair some white sports shorts with a plain white tee and some fresh trainers. All white isn’t for everyone, but you can still pull off the trend with some minor adjustments. Trade the white trainers for navy boat shoes and layer an unbuttoned shirt in the same colour over the top of the tee to stay true to the trend while adding a little more colour.

Some people may think white is just for summer, but this is far from the truth. This trend will work no matter the season. Try pairing some white joggers with a matching sweatshirt, but go for black trainers this time for a monochrome look. You may have to stay away from any sign of dirt, but it’s totally worth it.

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