The Best Clothes To Wear On A Cosy Winter Weekend


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We all know them – the days when we don’t feel like doing anything and just want to stay in bed all day long with a cup of tea, a good book and our favourite Netflix show. To make the most of your duvet days, we’ve rounded up the best Topshop pieces to wear on a day in.


1. Pyjamas

Silky satins, super-soft jerseys and luxe velvets – you’ll feel nothing like a slob in these pyjamas.


2. Knitwear

From cashmere-blend jumpers to cosy cardigans, layer up in the comfiest knitwear.


3. Socks & Slippers

Cold feet are a cosy weekend no-no, so choose between our glittery socks and cute slippers for a toasty day in.


SOURCE: Topshop

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