5 Tips For The Perfect Pyjama Party


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Planning the perfect girls night in? Get your best friend, put on your favourite pyjamas and get the party started. Here’s all you need to spend a legendary night with your bestie…

1. Keep Calm and Relax



Sometimes you just need to spoil yourself a little bit (or a bit more). How about a peach flavoured lip mask, a golden eye mask or a pink glitter makeover to start the night just right?

2. Go Comfy, Stay Class


Cute stripy styles, cheeky leopard spots or the perfect “Friends” pyjama – we have them all.

3. Watch Your Favourite Girls Movie


Wanna see “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days” to know how to spend even more time with your mate? Fancy some serious girls drama like “Mean Girls”? Feeling like reminiscing about your teenage years while watching “13 Going On 30”? Or maybe you only just want to watch “Magic Mike” to see Channing Tatum getting undressed? We bet we already know your first movie choice…

4. Prepare Some Yummy Snacks
How about some self-made energy bites to be ready for the night instead of falling asleep as soon as you snuggle up? Packed with protein and fibre, energy bites are a quick and convenient way to get a little boost. Perfect for the 3rd movie you watch in a row – you don’t want to miss Channing Tatum dancing, do you?

5. Play A Game


Okay, we admit that on the day of friendship you should focus on your friend instead of paying attention to your phone but here we make an exception. No matter whether you go for one of the classics like Truth or Dare, play Heads Up!, improve your inner diva singing skills with Sing! Karaoke or dance like nobody’s watching while playing Dance Party – the fun is on.



SOURCE: Topshop

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