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Whether you’re heading off to start uni life and want to put your stamp on new student digs, or your bedroom just needs a bit of a shake up, you can never get chicer than all shades of grey. Layering up dove, steel and charcoal will immediately create a sense of calm – ideal for all those study hours you need to put in, ahem! And the accessories will allow your personality to shine through. From slogan wall hangings, to copper wire storage, Skandi inspired clocks and plants galore (faux is always the way to go!) you will be sorted in seconds! You got this!



Grey twin corduroy cushion £10, Grey tassel cushion £10, Grey quilted throw £18, Charcoal double duvet set £20, Slogan 'go your own way' picture frame £6



Marble block calendar £5, Standing LED desk lamp £8, Faux cactus plant £4.50, Copper A4 letter peg board £6


Amber glass bottle with foliage £4.50

Hexagonal shelf unit £6


SOURCE: Primark

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