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This week, Sunday Girl welcomes Dorothy, creator of the She Goes Wearworkwear blog. We got together to talk all about statement style in the office, the perfect way to showcase stripes this season and her tips for getting through a whole day in heels.

Hi Dorothy, thanks so much for agreeing to be one of our Sunday Girls! Your blog is all about workwear style inspiration. How easy do you find balancing professional with style-conscious looks?

Thank so much for having me! I’m fortunate to work in an office that has a relaxed business dress code, which makes it a lot easier when it comes to dressing for work. I always like to look put-together and ready for anything the day throws at me, whether it’s a last minute client meeting, or dinner straight after work. I find the easiest way of doing this is by wearing classic workwear staples with a fashionable, on-trend twist. Oasis have completely nailed this concept with their workwear collections.

Why did you decide to start a blog that focused on workwear?

I remember shopping one day for work clothes and feeling completely uninspired. I was stood in the middle of the shopping centre Googling “workwear ideas” and not having much luck. This was when the idea came to me to start a workwear blog, but I didn’t actually go through with it until a girl in the office said she loved my outfits at work and suggested I start a blog. I took it as a sign and created She Goes Wear.



Our spring/summer campaign is all about making a splash this summer. What is your favourite way to make a splash with your style?

I’m so excited about this campaign, mainly because of the beautiful colour palette. One of my new year’s resolutions  was to introduce more colour into my working wardrobe, and I’ve been having so much fun with it. I would say my favourite way to make a splash with my style is experimenting with new colours, such as lilac and yellow, which I can’t get enough of at the moment!

Stripes are a huge trend this season. How will you be wearing them?

Go big or go home’ will be my mantra when it comes to rocking stripes this season! I’ll either wear them head-to-toe, or mixed with another print for a playful, mismatched look.



What are your top tips for looking sleek, chic and fashionable at work on any budget?

I try to keep things quite minimal, as I’ve learnt over the years that less is more. Staple items such as a high-waisted pencil skirts or dresses will always look chic, and wrap dresses never go out of style. I like to buy these staple items in a print or colour that’s currently on trend, and the high street is where I shop, so I don’t have to spend a fortune each season.

You love wearing heels! Do you have any tips for getting through the day, pain-free, for heel-wearing newbies?

It’s true, I can’t concentrate in flats! To survive all day in heels, I wear a pair of black flats to and from the office, then change into my heels as soon as I get to my desk  I also find block heels are the most comfortable for walking around the office, as they provide more support for your ankles.

What key trends are you most looking forward to introducing into your new-season wardrobe?

It sounds totally cliche, but I can’t wait to wear lots of florals and pastel colours this spring/summer. I love ruffles too, and I’m looking forward to incorporating them into my office outfits.

What are your favourite pieces from our spring/summer collections – anything you can’t wait to get your hands on?

Talking about ruffles, I cannot wait to get my hands on the wrap dress with pretty ruffle detailing! Wrap dresses are my go-to style for the office, and I love how Oasis have given this one a modern twist.

Another favourite is the classic, grey pencil dress with the fishtail hem. It’s so chic!

It’s that time of year when we start to get holiday-fever! What are the top three essential pieces you MUST have in your suitcase?

I always bring a big beach bag that can double up as an airport bag to save room in my suitcase. Other essentials include a pair of nude block sandals (I wear the Oasis Jane sandals with everything!) and a big floppy hat to keep my face out of the sun.



What’s the best piece of style advice you’ve ever been given?

Less is more!


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