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Hooray for regular clothes!  I can’t even tell you how good it feels to be out and about and like myself again (only with the addition of the best little guy in the world).  Some of my old clothes fit on but the style doesn’t feel quite right you know?  Anyway…   nothing a little TK Maxx haul couldn’t fix.

I am genuinely so happy to partner with TK Maxx over the next few months – I always find myself bragging about my bargains to friends and family and anyone who will listen (aka instagram stories).  So I headed in store, FYI the Argyle Street Glasgow store is awesome right now, with really no particular idea of what I was looking for other than something summery.  Turns out high waisted jeans are totally my thing right now and I found my fav designer denim brand at 75% off so that was a given…  I’m such a sucker for linen in the summer and this blouse really appealed to the boho mama in me.  I took a wander round the shoe and bag sections and was pretty stoked to find this basket bag for a tenner – hello bag of the summer…  for ten pounds, did I say that already?  TEN POUNDS.  Yep.

Now while this isn’t going to turn into one of those blogs that’s all about the baby, you’re gonna have to indulge me from time to time…  And when I passed the newborn bits on the way to the fitting room and, well, basically I saw this linen romper and it was just too beautiful and matched perfectly with my blouse and I had honestly been looking at them online earlier this week thinking I couldn’t justify £30 for something that would only fit him for a month.  Anyway, I flipped the pricetag and it said £6.99 and it was in my basket, no question.  So forgive me for turning into one of those mum bloggers just this once (or just now and again)…




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