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We’re celebrating Fifty Colourful Years of stationery goodness! We’ve trawled the archives and taken some inspiration from some old classics & reinvented them with a modern twist.


Meet 50/50 – 50 products, all limited edition and numbered 1-50, making these a Paperchase Collector’s most colourful of dreams.

Stationery Lovers Since 1968

We wanted to celebrate our love of stationery with our loyal fans, by creating a colourful and classic Paperchase collection featuring favourites such as our flexible linen notebooks, patterned magazine files & of course, our kraft notebooks. Adorned with slogans like ‘Keep Calm & Write it Down’ & ‘Hell Yeah’ you can say what you like with the power of your stationery. And yes, we admit it – we are stationery addicts.



Totally Gifted

Pass Cases, Star Glasses, Glassess Cases – like, yeah… obvs these would make nice gifts. For yourself. Treat yourself to some snazzy little accessories, because they’re super-cute and as the pass case suggests – you’re bloody fantastic! Hell yeah.



Don’t be a Mug

You’d be an absolute mug not to get yourself an initial mug and with our sales heads on – you could even buy more than one and spell your name. Or buy one for each member of your family? Not that we want to forcibly make you do anything, but nice ideas, right?



Everyone is an Artist at Heart

A lovely sentiment on our sketch book to really inspire you to be all arty, even if you can’t draw for toffee. With upbeat slogans to get your through, you’ll think you’ve drawn a masterpiece no matter what. It’s all about positive thinking. How cool is that sticker pack pouch? Also useful if you can’t draw typography very well – just cheat and pop a sticker on.

Customise Your Life

With badges to stick on your denim jacket (alright trendy-pants), sticker patches, little alphabet stickers – it’s honestly never been easier to customise your life. Unlock that creativity – come on, be bold!



Say it with a Card

Say no more, because these cards do exactly what they say on the cover. Send one, send loads – everyone prefers a snail mail to a boring old email. It shows they’ve gone to some effort – they’ve: walked to a shop, bought a card, hunted for pen, written a thoughtful message, bought a stamp & walked to a post box. All to make you happy. THIS. THIS is why we love cards. Remember that kids.




SOURCE: Paperchase

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