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Forget your preconceptions about pink. The combination of rose quartz and serenity results in a refined blush that’s both soothing and warm, the perfect relief from the stresses of everyday life. It was awarded Pantone Colour of the Year 2017 and is still a must-have hue for the home. If you’re yet to be convinced, we’ve pulled together some tips and tricks to effortlessly integrate it into your interior…


G O  F O R  S T A T E M E N T  F U R N I T U R E

The brilliant thing about blush is that it’s surprisingly versatile. You don’t really need elements of pink in your home for it to match. In fact, the Lyla occasional chair above looks pretty great, right? Infusing a soft colour into a plain room makes a huge impact. A blush sofa or chair breathes new life into your space and is ideal for anyone wanting to give a nod to the trend.


C U S H I O N S   G O  A  L O N G  W A Y

Not ready for all pink eeeeeverything? Don’t panic – blush pink cushions offer just the right amount of colour without looking overly feminine. Plus if your sofa is a neutral shade like dove, a hint of pink will give it some extra warmth and a bit of personality!



A D D  A  S E N S E  O F  S P R I N G

Pink flowers are a great accent in a neutral space, especially roses or peonies. We particularly love how the blush pink and burgundy contrast creates a classic vintage look. While blush pink flowers can be very feminine, it’s easy to achieve a more modern and sophisticated look when displayed in a copper or grey vase.



D R A P E  I T  I N  P I N K

Got a neutral room that you’re looking to jazz up a bit? As we settle into spring, contrasting your bedroom decor with blush pink curtains will create a light and airy feel!



P A I N T  T H E  T O W N  P I N K

Depending on the shade, pink walls can either make a statement or create a calming effect. To make a dining room or hallway poptry a deeper hue. In bedrooms, office or bathrooms, we’d recommend blush pink. With our range of wallpapers and paints, it’s an effortless choice with maximum impact. Keep the rest of your palette low key with white and cream bed linen, then add accents of green through plants.





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