Gardening for Beginners


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We could all do with a helping hand in the garden. If you’re not really the green-fingered type or if you’ve just moved into your first house, it can be difficult to know where to start. But don’t worry, we’ve pulled together this handy beginner’s guide to help you get stuck in!

Start by getting the right tools for the job

For most gardens, all you really need to get started is a mower, spade, pair of secateurs, a hoe and some gloves. You don’t have to spend a fortune on garden tools, simply check out our great range of top quality essentials to help you get the job started without breaking the bank.

Lawnmower – It probably goes without saying, but if you have grass anywhere in your garden, you’re going to need to cut it. Invest in a good lawnmower to keep your lawn looking lovely.

Spade – Border spades are really versatile, being able to cope with heavy digging as well as those smaller jobs in the garden. Check out our great range of spades, starting at just £5!

Secateurs – Essential for cutting back and keeping your garden looking neat and tidy. Choose from either bypass secateurs with a blade that slices in a scissor action, or anvil secateurs.

Hoe – Vital for weeding! Hoeing the soil will drag those pesky weeds to the surface and dry them right out. Starting at just £6, our garden hoe range is great value and will help save your pennies -and your back!

Gloves – It’s always a good idea to protect your hands from thorns, prickly branches and of course mud! Check out our wide range – perfect for the job in hand.




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