How To Remove Fake Tan


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Your fake tanning 101

Don’t worry; we’ve all experienced a fake tan faux pas at some point. From streaky legs and orange hands to pale patches or darkened heels, our love of a golden glow can leave us with a few tell-tale signs. We’re here to help you avoid any mishaps with our useful ways to remove fake tan. 

De-streaking and softening the glow

So your hands have taken on a deeper colour. Don’t fear – or panic scrub! Some clever tricks to get fake tan off are quick, simple and sitting on your bathroom shelf. Let us guide you through – you’ll be back to your glowing self in no time at all. 


1. How to remove fake tan

For those stubborn patches of fake tan that seem to take forever to fade, a fake tan remover such as Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser is your new essential. Simply apply the product over dry skin, leave for five minutes and shower off with a wet cloth. Hello smooth, patch-free skin!


2. How to fix streaky legs

Key word: exfoliate. But that doesn’t mean scrubbing until you’re sore. The trick is to gently exfoliate the top layers of skin with a body scrub or cream and a trusty mitt for targeted control. Another little trick is to shave. This will naturally lift the top layers of skin and fade away streaks.


3. How to tone down your tan

On the plus side, your fake tan has come out pretty even. On the down side, it has a slightly darker shade than intended! Time to grab your favourite body oils and run a hot bath – the combination of oil massage and hot water will help break it down for a softer finish. You’ll also finish up feeling relaxed, pampered and silky soft. 


4. How to fix uneven patches

For a heavily baked patchy tan that just won’t budge, start by gently exfoliating and then tackling the lighter patches with the same fake tan you originally used. Rubbing a little baby oil around the area afterwards will also help even it out. And if all else fails, a layer of wash-off instant tan will come to your rescue and have you feeling fabulous in no time.

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