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We’re sitting in the middle of the trend prediction pentagram, an overpriced fashion quarterly at the edge of each point of the star, like cultists in trendy sneakers. We’re reading the tea leaves, communing with the old gods, sacrificing an intern, and buffing up the crystal ball to peer into the future of menswear, hoping to catch a glimpse of trends to come. Here’s the seven trends that unholy communion produced:


Printed Shirts
Like nectar to anyone who had a Scarface poster on their wall as a teenager, the printed shirt is going to be part of your menswear arsenal again this spring. They can be a bit intimidating to wear if you aren’t a full-on #menswear guy but just try playing around with them – layer them over a lightweight rollneck, wear them tucked into suit trousers, or try them out with a denim jacket. You’ll know when you’ve got it right.



Checked Suits
Because fashion is cyclical (what was cool once will be cool again) making your living off predicting trends is a bit like doing doomsday prophecies – if you keep saying the same thing, eventually you’ll be right. We’ve been saying checked suits would be cool again for years and look who nailed it. We’d recommend wearing yours with a rollneck or a lightweight jumper to keep things casual.



Checked Everything Else
The check trend has come into full effect now, especially when you’re layering different checks on top of each other. The easy mode way to do this for yourself is just a white tee tucked into some checked suit trousers with a nice belt. For a more challenging outfit try popping a checked mac on over a blazer or full suit in a clashing check.



Oversized Outerwear
Lovely big coats are back, not that anyone with any sense ever stopped wearing them.



Terrifyingly Young Street Style Stars
Kids don’t like fashion week, they like Nintendo. Don’t do this to children it’s weird.


In fashion parlance, ‘elevated’ means taking something normal people wear and making it fancy, kind of like how your neighbourhood was ‘elevated’ and now you have to live in the middle of nowhere. Tracksuits have been ‘elevated’ for a good few years but designers continue to celebrate the shape and experiment with it, using innovative combinations of fabric and print to push it into new places. For our money the tracksuit sweet spot sits between avant-garde and standard, with small details like taping being the best way to get a taste of the catwalk without having to go full peacock.



SOURCE: Topman

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