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Are you stuck in a scent rut? Or maybe you’re looking for a winning Valentine's Day gift idea and don’t know where to even begin? You’ve come to the right place. Featuring our bestselling bottles and newcomers that are causing a storm, this top 10 list is our fragrance hall of fame.  


Versace, Bright Crystal

If you like your accessories dripping in jewels, then this crystal-topped fragrance from Versace is sure to reflect your decadent taste. Aside from the pretty bottle, it’s rich in luxurious ingredients too like pomegranate, yuzu and lotus flower.


Paco Rabanne, Olympéa

Are you ready to transform into your true goddess form? Good – because this Paco Rabanne perfume is the magic wand you’ve been waiting for.   


SJP, Stash 

To say we got Carrie-d away when this scent landed on our virtual shelves would be an understatement! From the delectable notes of honeysuckle to the sensuous base notes, Sarah Jessica Parker has taken the original Stash scent to the next level with this new softer rendition.


Calvin Klein, Eternity Moment

Packed with pretty petals, this much-loved fragrance from Calvin Klein is the perfume equivalent of giving someone a bouquet of flowers – perfect for a last-minute gift idea. Featuring notes of Chinese pink peony blossom, rose and a burst of fruity tones, it’s a fresh and vibrant concoction.


Vera Wang, Embrace Rosebuds & Vanilla  

A collection of three floriental fragrance, Embrace by Vera Wang imbues the elegance of the designer’s cult wedding gowns. The Rosebuds & Vanilla scent showcases a punchy sweet magnolia heart that settles to a creamy sandalwood. A perfume worthy of any blushing bride’s big day.


Calvin Klein, Obsessed

Not to be confused with the brand’s cult classic Obsession, Calvin Klein has reworked the winning fragrance with the modern twist. The result?  A sensuous scent that’s as quietly confident as the woman who’s destined to wear it.


Marc Jacobs, Decadence 

For the fashionista, a boring perfume bottle simply won’t do. Cue Decadence. Disguised as an ultra-stylish handbag, this fragrance is sure to impress those in-the-know.


Ghost, Deep Night 

With its half-moon silhouette and heady notes, Ghost’s Deep Night is designed to seduce – the perfect little confidence booster! This limited edition variation packs in a little eye-catching shimmer too. 


Michael Kors, Sexy Ruby 

Looking for an extra confidence boost in the romance-stakes? Michael Kors has created a modern rendition of a love potion in the form of Sexy Ruby. A modern chypre fragrance, it’s perfect for date night.


Missguided, Babe Power 

One of the biggest breakout scents of 2017, Babe Power by Missguided has already got fan girls galore. And it’s easy to see why. Created with a dash of fierce floral tones and pinch of pink pepper attitude, it fully commits to its promise of helping you ‘slay all day.’

SOURCE: Superdrug

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