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“Good Christmas and New Year?” and “Yeah , you?” are well meaning niceties that we’ll be chucking out no end this week. As friendly and cheerful as the sentiment might be, there’s an underlying feeling about what they signal – that we’re back into the normal world. That doesn’t mean though that we have to accept the dreary grey pull of everyone’s least favourite month of the year…


The first step to conquering any problem is recognising that it’s there in the first place. Allowing ourselves to be open about how miserable January is gives us the advantage of being able to tackle it much more efficiently. If we pin down a couple of the causes, perhaps: the distinct lack of Christmas decorations and all associated cheer, then we’re in pretty good place to start heading off any New Year blues.

How we’d counteract these two ills at once is by crushing them through the presence of brightness! If your little ones didn’t get much in the way of practical pressies this Christmas, a new coat could be a welcome addition… and when they’re only £25 a pop they shouldn’t throw your January budgeting too far off course. In yellow and pink it’ll almost seem like spring (with all the lights on and the heating on full whack).


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