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We sat down with makeup artist Lucy Bridge, to talk all things beauty. Read on to discover how makeup can be the perfect tool for enhancing natural beauty - inside and out!


For people that want to experiment with makeup but aren't sure where to start, what advice would you give them?

Less is more! Keep it simple and build up your confidence slowly with your makeup routine.  Start off by mastering your skin. Skincare is a MUST and figuring out what works for you is key. The market can be very daunting, so start off with the basics. Once you have your natural everyday look locked down, start experimenting with eye colours, liners, glitter and lips. Watching online tutorials can help you gain basic knowledge of how to apply makeup, but the real way of learning is by practicing on yourself. The best thing about makeup is that if you mess it up, just wipe off and try again!


What are your easy to follow tips for creating a skincare regime?

First of all, find out what skin type you are. I have to change my skincare regime from season to season, some days just call for a little extra moisture. Start by nailing your skincare must-haves; a good moisturiser, primer, eye cream and lip balm. Be careful not to add too many layers as your skin needs to breathe. Top tip: in the winter, add a few drops of oil into your foundation for extra protection from the elements.



If you're having a 'blah' day, which item in your makeup bag do you reach for?

A face mask! After a long day at work, or a lazy weekend in, a face mask can really lift your mood. Some of my favourites are the Holler and Glow sheet mask, Super Food Sleep mask & the Primark mud masks. I use them weekly, as they have such amazing benefits, and always leave my skin feeling boosted and energised.


How do you make your skin looks its best, even when it's not?

When it comes to your skin, keeping hydrated is so important. Make sure you drink at least 2 litres of water a day - if not more! Nutrition is super important too, so stock up on fruits, vegetables, and nuts! Brazil nuts are great for your hair, skin and nails, so snack on these when you can.


What products can't you live without?

Any form of glitter. I love adding this into my work on a regular basis. Glitter Fix from Primark is the great addition to any makeup bag, and spruces up any look. I love liquid lipsticks as well, they glide onto the lips so easily and the colour pigment and pay off is really strong. Primark’s range of Liquid Metals is amazing!


What beauty product make you feel instantly happier?

Anything with a high intensity of colour and pigment. I love experimenting with bold colours and textures and I get really excited when the colour pay off is strong. Whether it’s on the eyes, lips or cheeks, a subtle highlighter is bound to spruce up any look, and put a smile on your face.



What 3 changes can anyone make for an instant lift?

Switch up your eyeshadow or lipstick shades regularly so you don’t get stuck in a rut. Add a little sparkle to the eyes. The Gold Rush palette is a great addition to any seasonal makeup bag. Push yourself out your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to experiment. Liquid Metal Lips are a great way to do this.


What is makeup's ultimate super power?

Confidence! You shouldn’t use makeup as a mask, but a tool to bring out and define your natural features. 


Quick Fire Round

Liquid or pencil? Liquid on the top, pencil on the bottom

Lipstick or lipgloss? Lipstick

Full coverage or barely there? Always barely there! 

Bronze or blush? Bronze

Falsies or au natural? My own, but with lots of layers of mascara!

SOURCE: Primark

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