5 Tips For The Perfect Sleep


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We all have a friend who brags about falling asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow; how they sleep through anything, and get a solid 8 hours of kip, every.single.night. Ever wondered how they do it? They’ve probably checked out our five tips for the perfect sleep. Prepare to wake up feeling brand new, and ready to take on the day!


#1 Pamper sesh

Prepare to reach a dream-like state with a little TLC. Kick back with a sumptuous facemask to hydrate, restore, and leave your skin glowing. Next step – a hot bath to exfoliate and scrub away the stresses of the day. Bubbles = compulsory.


#2 Fresh sheets

Our new range of luxury pillowcases are giving beauty sleep a brand-new meaning. Crafted with great sleep in mind, choose from Aloe vera, lavender infused, or go simple with silk. Set to calm and sooth the soul, opt for an Aloe vera-infused option if de-stressing is your aim.


#3 Get your zen on

These luxe, mood-boosting scents are the key to enhancing your sleep quality. Spritz over your sheets before hitting the hay, inhale the relaxing aromas, and instantly feel more chill (and fancy!)


#4 Set the scene

Strive for ultimate feng-shui feels, with scented candles and a dose of greenery in your space. Think faux when it comes to plants, after all, there’s no point losing sleep over split water!


#5 And rellaaaax

Recline with a caffeine-free creation, such as peppermint tea, an hour before bedtime. A natural remedy, known for its comforting and stress-boosting qualities, peppermint tea is perfect for unwinding and recharging your mind, body and skin. Of course, it always helps to have it in a Primark mug…


SOURCE: Primark

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