Warmth: A Handy How To Guide


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We don’t know where you are. We don’t know whether you’re reading this while standing, sitting, lying down or doing a downward dog. You could be in your PJs, suited and booted or wrapped only in a towel. It’s probably for the best that this is kept between you and whoever you’re sharing your day with, but that isn’t to say there’s nothing we can’t make a pretty good guess about…

What we can say with some certainty in November is that there’s a pretty good chance you’re probably a little cold right now. The sky outside may be blue, grey or black, but without walls and an adequate piece of heating equipment you’ll be on the chilly side. Even when we’re sat by a roaring fire, there’s lots of warming of the core that has to be done before we’re really toasty.

Combatting the cold air in your life can obviously be done in a number of ways. Going somewhere with beating sunshine is an attractive solution, if a little impractical. Radiators, stoves and open fires are perhaps the most effective warming additions to your life, but are rarely available with next day delivery. While we hate to say it, the simplest resolution to the problem is the advice our parents used to give when we protested the forever-turned-off central heating; “put something warmer on”.

Taken to its most extreme, something a little like the below is one way to deal with the advice. Just look at them – two of the toastiest people we’ve even seen and they’re not even wearing socks?!


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