Royally Ready To Dress Up


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Staring out of the window at slow moments in the day and letting our minds wander off into unlikely situations makes the unbearable wait till Christmas a little more bearable. If you’re off day dreaming in a place where your quick wit is winning the day or your imaginary new car is being admired you’re probably not worrying so much about your cold feet and overflowing inbox. But recently, a new fantastical opportunity for meandering minds has recently presented itself for our pleasure – the announcement that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged! 

Fair enough if present buying and the like has distracted you from the make-believe potential of this event, but we can’t say the same for ourselves. The upcoming royal wedding has us falling over ourselves to work out who’d be on our table, where the best light in Westminster Abbey would be for our chosen make up look and what we’d be gifting the newly minted couple. We can daydream, can’t we?

Aside from distracting us from the mundane, an almost useful function of working on this fancifulness would be deciding upon what the kids will wear. How will you make sure they compete with, but not upstage the royal bubbas? How will you make a nod to the regal nature of the event without losing the cute factor? What clever retort will you have when Prince Philip makes a colourful comment on their appearance?


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