How to Deal with Dry Lips


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Do you have dry lips? Make it a thing of the past with this all-you-need-to-know guide. From what causes sore, chapped lips to how to prevent and treat them, we’ve got it covered.


What Causes Dry Lips?

The skin on your lips is very thin and delicate and therefore more sensitive. You’ll notice your lips become drier or chapped when the air temperature drops, when there’s a bitter wind, or when you’ve been subjected to air conditioning, or they can be burnt when you’re in the sun. In fact, more moisture is lost through your lips than through any other part of your face or body, so it’s no surprise that your lips need extra attention and lots of moisturising. Upping your water intake to at least one litre a day will make sure your body is hydrated, which in turn gives your lips a moisture boost, but sometimes you need a little help from lip exfoliators and balms, too.

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SOURCE: Superdrug

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