5 Subtle Festive Home Additions


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The festive season can be slightly overwhelming to say the least. From bracing yourself against the crowded department stores to cooking a feast for the entire family, it can be difficult to know whether you’re going a tad overboard or not. But you don’t have to feel the same when it comes to decorating your home for the season! Here’s 5 subtle ways to embellish your space.


1 .  M A K E  Y O U R  R O O M S  S H I M M E R

There’s something extra cozy and comforting about the perfect lighting, especially during the darker months. Beyond your traditional Christmas tree, twist a string of fairy lights through your bannisters and around your mantelpiece or if you’re wanting something a bit more inviting, opt for a naked twig Christmas tree you can keep as a statement piece for the rest of the year.

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