Beauty Advent Calendars You Need This Christmas!


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Since hitting adulthood, the excitement of an advent calendar just hasn’t been the same (mainly because maintaining the willpower needed to not scoff the ENTIRE 25 days’ worth of chocs in one sitting now proves to be a massive challenge)… until now. While chocolate will always be our main guilty pleasure at Christmas, there’s a whole new range of tempting beauty advent calendars that have hit our shelves –  and they’re PACKED with treats that you won’t have to worry about when counting calories. Whether you’re gifting a loved one or treatin’ yourself, there’s something for everyone…

For the mani moguls

Partying means your talons are more prone to chipping, so nailing your nailcare routine over Christmas is crucial. This Essie calendar includes 7 standard-size polishes, 13 mini polishes, a nail polish remover and 3 mini mani surprises, so you’ll be truly spoilt for choice.

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SOURCE: Superdrug

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