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As little ones get bigger (scarily fast!), how they feel about their clothes obviously changes a lot. Not being able to put them in whatever (we think) they look most adorable in is the first big blow for us parents. The second hurdle is when they start to become super picky. Thanks in no small part to school-learned tribalism, having to have what their friends have or other items we cannot for the life of us determine WHY they would want to wear, becomes a serious business.

Coat shopping can be a particularly fraught process. With heaps of options to sift through, it’s not surprising they’re often not too keen to offer much more than the occasional, “no”. For those who swagger in after the school day thinking they’re the first generation to understand the concept of being cool, there’s options that we reckon even the pickiest of early teens would have a hard time turning their nose up at.

Keeping chills out with a leather jacket, and with the option of looking nigh-on-iconic over a hoody, this classic goes well with the attitude their shrugs and pouty faces often express. Camo’s similarly bold outward appearance is great too if aiming for the title of playground prince! Also comprehensively cool, but shouting about it less is this perfect parka. Just be careful about him finding out the colourway is actually called “Plum”.

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