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The properly executed wearing of blazers, ties, shoes and even jeans are often presented as an art form worthy of Tate Britain. The same sadly can’t be said for the tshirt. Paying only passing attention to the item that sits directly below where most people are looking (your face) is done at your appearance’s peril. Throwing on whatever’s close to hand with a quick consideration of colour can work on occasion, but elevating it to an art form is the height your tee game should really be aiming for. Adding a plain white or black tee to most things works most of the time, so the area we’d like to leave you with here is on something a little more complex – the pattern tee. Below are some pointers…

  • You know when you ‘gram something topical and your Insta blows up? Tapping into what’s trending now is KEY. Where your wardrobe is concerned, think of it as though autumn is in beta – use summer brights sparingly, start introducing transitional prints and opt for darker wash denim.
  • Though they’re among the cheaper items you’re likely to buy, having tees that work with a good spectrum of the things of your wardrobe gives you more versatility and a greater number of outfits… As you can see below – navy is the new black. It makes a good base colour.
  • Take a sensible approach to pattern play. This may sound obvious, but making sure you only add things to outfits if they absolutely add something to your outfit is a rule we should all follow. Think the exact opposite of a mismatched Ed Hardy tracksuit.
  • Only wear the pattern you want to wear. Nothing adds more to your look than the outward appearance of confidence, real or otherwise. If you feel like you can saunter in it, it’s right for you. If you feel like you’ll be ill-at-ease, it’s not.

That’s not all you need to know about patterned tees, but they are all things you need to know. Want to browse ALL our tshirts? Head here. Let us know what you opt for @NextOfficial on Twitter, and make sure you’re following @NextOfficialMan on Insta for everything Next and menswear related.


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