How to Make A Spider Pom Pom!




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Help your little ones get into the spirit of Halloween in this fun and creative Pom Pom Spider tutorial, perfect for getting kids crafting this Autumn! All it takes is some tissue papercardand lots of imagination!


Step 1

To begin your Halloween Pom Pom Spider, cut 8 squares of tissue paper. 20cm by 20cm will work well, but you can do yours whatever size you want!

Step 2

Next stack all the sheets together and fasten with a paper clip at the top then we are going to do a concertina fold (like a fan!) so make a small fold at the bottom, approx. 2cm up

Step 3

Turn your tissue paper upside down and fold again


See how to complete your Spider Pom Pom!

SOURCE: Paperchase

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