The 90s – What They Wore


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The 90s – What They Wore


There’s no denying the 90s was an iconic era. It’s the decade that brought us gems such as the Fresh Prince and Clueless. Plus, music from bands like No Doubt, Nirvana and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers that definitely still get a feature on your main Spotify playlist.

However, there were a few fashion no-nos taking place along all this greatness – with low rise jeans and bucket hats, for example. Cringe.

So when it comes to 90s fashion, what are we still wearing?


Nothing represents the fashion and vibe of the decade better than 90s grunge clothes. Perfect for those cool kids who didn’t give a * – it was all about ripped clothing, oversized pieces and being a bit of a rebel.

90s grunge influencers:

Influencers like Courtney Love, Gwen Stefani, Drew Barrymore and Winona Ryder are celebs who paved the way for grunge fashion and their bad attitude and bad behaviour while in the spotlight supported their style perfectly.

How to do it now:

  • The Mom jeans – Oversized denim was seen on every grunge fashion icon in the 90s. The bigger and more high waisted, the better.   
  • Choking up – Gwen Stefani was a big lover of choker necklaces and now we can grab one of these jewellery styles anywhere. A thin black choker, featuring a single charm, is the easiest way of nailing this 90s fashion trend.
  • Feeling flannel – Pairing a flannel shirt, tied around your waist, with a denim jacket is true 90s. Finish off with chunky combat boots.
  • Love for leather – Leather was well loved by the likes of Winona Ryder and Drew Barrymore, who would just throw one of these jackets on with a slip dress and boots for the red carpet. Easy.


Rave music was big in the 90s and the neon fashion seeped into the mainstream. While we’re not dressing in neon green and waving glowsticks, some elements of this underground scene have made their way into everyday looks.

90s Rave influencers:

Deee-lite, The Prodigy and Baby-D were all frontrunners in 90s rave clothes with strong prints, bold colours and a stage presence that really got the crowd going.

How to do it now:

  • Going sheer – A sheer top over a bold coloured dress is an easy way of featuring a little rave in your everyday outfits.
  • Pops of neon – Layering everyday colours with bold (bordering on neon) pieces, is a strong look that ties into the rave scene.
  • Furry sliders – When you think rave, you think furry boot covers, right? So, you could argue that those mega comfy, furry sliders we’re all wearing now took inspiration from rave culture. Keep that summer footwear going.

Girl power

Girl power was huge in the 90s, with Riot Grrrl dominating the scene with their feminist music and female celebrities becoming more influential than ever before. It was also the era of The Girl Band and whether you were a Spice Girls groupie or not, you can’t deny the strong effect they had on clothes in the 90s and women’s fashion. In fact, we’re still loving their style today.

How to do it now:

While Mel C had a love for Kappa trackies – we’ve evolved the trend by wearing yoga leggings to the office and sports jackets on nights out.

  • Scary Spice = Leopard print

This print never goes out of fashion, right? And while we’re not embracing all over big cat style, we are still loving everything leopard print when it comes to shoes and accessories.

  • Baby Spice = Bunches

Cute pigtails was Emma Bunton’s signature hair look and now we’re taking major inspiration, with space buns and glitter roots.

  • Posh Spice = The LBD

The little black dress has carried us through from the 90s to now and still remains a go to look for those last minute nights.

  • Ginger Spice = The flatform

These shoes aren’t quite the towering styles Geri enjoyed in the 90s, but boxier, chunkier trainers are proving popular in 2017.

90s Princess

From Britney’s striped track pants to Mandy’s butterfly clips to Christina’s ever-present midriff – the 90s pop princesses set the scene for a fair few fashion trends. Don’t forget the shiny lip gloss and body glitter too.

90s female influencers:

Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Brandy and P!nk were the real influencers when it came to pop star looks and we’re still loving some of their biggest style choices two decades on. Cher Horowitz from Clueless was another big influencer – with her knee high socks and preppy co-ords.

How to do it now:

  • Cropped on top – These just aren’t going anywhere, we still love a crop top now – whether over track pants or a skirt.
  • Tartan – Mini skirts with tartan prints are being thrown into the mix this season. Available in every colour – not just blue and green – they’re great for nailing the pop princess look. You definitely won’t be considered ensembly challenged.

Which 90s trend are you a fan of? Check out this season’s latest trends to spot the styles we’ve taken inspiration from, this time round.

SOURCE: Superdry

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