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Counting the minutes ‘til you pack that case and begin your new life as an actual real-life adult? Yep, we feel ya, #Unilife is on the horizon. In case your mum has already packed for you (we’re ready to grow up, but like bit of an effort isn’t it?), we’re concerned some essentials may have slipped from the list. Like the education godmother (that we’ve decided to become), here are 5 things you need to survive your time at uni – no really, you won’t make it without – you’re welcome. 



Shiny new stationery – okay, so you’re going to need to learn about budgeting from the offset. A juicy new overdraft, and own brand cornflakes are your reality now, but we’ve got good news up our flared sleeve… we’ve just dropped this beaut new stationery selection, and it’s all under £5/€6. Never mind those essential course books, let’s get our pencil case in check first, yeah?

Faux greens – so there’ll come a time, halfway through the term, when your grades aren’t going as planned, maybe you spilt a coffee over last week’s essay, you’ve gone to the gym once… to sign up, the last thing you need is a plant to care for. Think fresh green loveliness, and fake it, with a cute faux plant. Look’s damn sweet, and it’s one less thing to worry about (it’s hard to remember to water yourself, never mind the plant).

A wall planner – since now’s the time to get socialising, let’s agree to not be the one who forgets an event. From an essay hand in (ouch), to a foam party (maybe not the worst thing – WHERE DOES THE PHONE GO?), keep activities in check with a wall calendar that you can update on the daily.



Headphones – two words for you fresher: noisy flatmate. No one wants to be the can-you-keep-it-down-er, so try zoning out instead. Connect your suave looking headphones (in store now don’t ya know), to a laptop – another essential – to prep you for Netflix binging, cranking up a throwback playlist, or y’know, essay writing.

A really, really smart looking desk -  okay, realistically, you may have little choice over the décor in your halls (pray for you), so let’s make dressing your desk a priority. We’re still living for all things minimal, marble and metallic, so take inspo from our dreamy set up and replicate exactly what you see here, if you want to make friends (just sayin’).

There you have it, your essentials, neatly packaged like a new-starter handbook. Throw in some shoes that you’re happy to lose one of (you’ll learn young one), some flu remedy tablets, and you’re all ready to fly the nest. Uni packing? Completed it mate. 


SOURCE: Primark

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