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Make by Suzie Attaway

Inspired by our new Unicorn Star range, craft stylist Suzie Attaway has come up with these fab paper props which will definitely keep the kids entertained this half term. These would be perfect for a Unicorn themed party, which if you’re not already organising… may we ask why not?


You will need the following, but feel free to add your own decorative flourishes – check out our embellishmentspaper & card, plus our Spectrascope range.

  • Spectrascope bright paper
  • White card
  • Glue stick
  • Unicorn mask template
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Iridescent curling ribbon
  • Double sided tape
  • Paint brush
  • Pva glue
  • Glitter pastel shakers
  • Inner ear and eyebrow stencils
  • Heart and star stamps from a set of Geek clear stamps
  • Clear stamp block
  • Silver and gold ink pads
  • Multi coloured tissue paper
  • Ruler
  • Paper straw


Step 1

Glue a sheet of coloured paper to a sheet of white card with a glue stick.


Step 2

Download the Unicorn Mask Templates, print on paper and cut out with scissors. Carefully cut the eyes out with a craft knife. Place the mask template on the coloured paper/white card combo, draw around and cut out.


Step 3

Cut 4 pieces of curling ribbon and apply thin strips of double sided tape to the reverse of each. Peel off the backing paper, and stick them diagonally across the horn of the unicorn mask. Trim the overhanging ends of the ribbon with scissors.


Step 4

Apply some pva glue between each ribbon stripe with a paint brush. Then sprinkle some glitter over the glue.


Step 5

Draw around the inner ear template on a sheet of contrasting coloured paper twice, and cut out. Repeat with the eyebrow template on a different coloured paper.


Step 6

Stick the eyebrows and inner ears to the mask with a glue stick.


Step 7

Stamp some small hearts in silver ink and stars in gold ink all over the mask.


Step 8

Take the pack of multi coloured tissue paper. Measure and cut a 1cm strip from the end of the pack with a craft knife (or sharp scissors). Separate the different colour strands of tissue paper and discard the dark colours.


Step 9

Turn the mask over, and glue the strands of tissue paper individually to one side of the mask with a glue stick.


Step 10

Take a paper straw and stick to the same side with pva glue. Leave to dry before using.


And there you go! Your very own magical unicorn mask. Of course, you can’t just make one – make a few and let’s all be unicorns!

We also have many kids party workshops available in selected stores, including of course a unicorn one, but also featuring pirates, superheroes, princesses & mermaids! More information here.


SOURCE: Paperchase

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