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The Early 2000s Is The Next Big Decade Trend – No, We’re Not Joking


11th September 2017
The 70s and its floral shirts and fringed jackets, the 80s and its oversized fits and neon colours, the 90s and its tracksuits and bucket hats. Over the past few years we’ve seen forgotten fashion of decades past revived by premium brands, highstreet icons and even niche streetwear labels. But there’s only so many times you can go in circles before looks become stale and worn out, which begs the question: which decade comes next?

We really can’t see a return to loose fitting suits, pocket watches and flat caps, never mind how slick Cillian Murphy looks in Peaky Blinders. The only logical next step, despite how terrifying it may be, is the early 2000s.

“WHAT”, we hear you shout. “BUT I WAS ALIVE THEN…HOW CAN THIS BE POSSIBLE?” Yep, sorry granddad, but it looks like the days of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, The Kooks’ first album and The OC can now be classified as retro, which sends a shudder through our aching, late twenties bones.

Don’t believe us that the 2000s are coming back? Well we’ve got the evidence to back it up…


Wallet Chains

I used to get ‘dirty mosher’ shouted at me for wearing a wallet chain (which I still do, because Sum 41 and Blink 182 are 4 lyf), but now they’ve become a style staple of the modern workwear and biker look, as well as a key streetwear accessory.

Flame Shirts & Prints

Thought Guy Fieri was the only man daft enough to rock a flame shirt in modern times? Think again, because mostly everyone with a skateboard is kickflipping their way to Flavourtown thanks to brands like Thrasher and Supreme. We’d leave the stronghold gelled hair with spiky fringe/frosted tips back where it belongs though.

Polo Tops

Lacoste, Penguin and Fred Perry dominated this preppy look in the beginning of the 21st century, famed by Seth Cohen (AKA absolute lad) in teen angst US show The OC. Now it’s been adopted into the muscle fit trend as an excuse to show off your gains, because no one wants to narcissistically lift up some baggy sleeves to show off their sick swans.


Baggy Fits

It seemed that skinny and spray on fits killed the looser fit, but it seems that the public are willing to let their legs breathe again with the rise of comfortable streetwear looks controlling the market, with everything from shirts, to knitwear, to denim going relaxed in their designs.


Vans Slip Ons

Vans have always remained popular since their inception in 1966, but the slip on died down after the early 2000s, making way for the Old Skool and the Sk7-Hi. But now the slip on is back (and bang on trend with its checks for AW17) and looks right at home with cropped trousers. Plus who can be bothered with laces?


Craig David

We still can’t really explain his comeback.

SOURCE: Topman

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