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Revision isn’t something you hear, and think ‘YAY!’, but with pretty stationery, and using some of the tips in this blogpost, you should be able to take the edge off the boredom that comes along with it!



The new Flyaway collection is perfect to get your revision notes, and plans looking pretty! Hopefully it will also keep you motivated with your revision! We’ve used the Weekly Study Planner to show how you can plan out your revision AND keep things fun. Not only does this cute little planner stand up (making it easy to prop up on your desk, and not forget all those important plans), it also has spare blank pages between each week, making it a brilliant planner for getting your revision/study sessions sorted.


Some of the other products used to help jazz up your planner are, colour packs of paper tape, specifically the Unicorn Star set. Coloured pens are a must for helping to make things stand out by colour coding. Stickers are another thing that will come in super handy, they are such simple & easy decoration. Paperchase also do a wide range of stickers, so you’ll have plenty to choose from and you can find more ideas here.


This reward sticker book has a great variety of stickers inside, from decorative ones, to these brilliant little phrase ones. Perfect to pop on your planner pages for a little motivational boost when you’re checking the week ahead! Plus who would say no to a rabbit with butterfly wings popping up next to your reminder? The Flyaway collection has lots of these quirky animals all over the different stationery, so it will definitely help to make your plans look a little more fun!


The notes page in-between each week on this planner is a great place to create a mini pin board style brain dump. You can attach little notes with pretty tape, which is a little more fun than just writing them straight onto the page (the note paper used on here is from the Organiser Folder from the same Flyaway collection). Adding pretty titles to the planner is another way to jazz things up a bit, all you need for these are some pretty coloured pens, we used the Dual Ended Colouring Pens on here, with the two different sizes you have a bit more freedom with the hand lettering you create! Check out their washi tape selection here.


When it comes to highlighting important things in your revision notes, emphasising things, highlighting and making things stand out will really help with getting things to stick. Using the alphabet stencil that comes in the Organiser Folder, you can really simply emphasise certain things. Fill the stencil letter with a colour first, then without moving the stencil away, line the outside of the letter with a black pen to create the same effect that’s been used here.


Something that’s just as important as taking the time to revise, is to take the time to rest as well. Scheduling in some time to chill out and take a step back will help you to stay motivated. When you have some you time to look forward to, you are more likely to put in the time to revise. Again on the ‘chill out’ days we’ve used that handy little stencil to mark them out, along with some cute stickers and washi, make these days stand out as much as possible, they are what will keep you going!

Staying motivated is just as important as taking the time to do the revision. I don’t think there’s anyone out there who is completely thrilled when they hear the work ‘revision’ but if you have to do it, then you might as well try to make it as enjoyable as you can.

Hopefully this has given you a bit of revision inspiration! Remember you can find all of the products used, on the Paperchase website!

SOURCE: Paperchase

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