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Obvs there are more important things in life than our complexions. But a flawless selfie ready finish does make us feel maximally badass when we need to deal with, you know, stuff. Unless you’ve been living off-grid for the past year, sheet masks will have come onto your radar. They’re the Insta-bait beauty must — and far less messy than those old school sachets.


Not just a favourite with the celeb crowd, they’re the answer to a tired complexion, dry skin or badly-timed break-out. So, instead of having a major freak-out next time your complexion does a dirty on you, get your girls round (optional), watch a cheesy film and get your preen on. Remember: healthy skin is the perfect base for flawless make-up. We all know a healthy diet and loads of water is what our skin needs, but sometimes things get busy and we need a little help!


As with anything, we’re not all going to have the same problems, so the people at Primark HQ have created five extra-special masks to tackle exactly your skin. And, they’re only £3/€4 — that’s literally less than your lunch! Read on to be matched up to your perfect mask…


RU Kitten Me

One for all the cat lovers (…so, pretty much everyone), RU Kitten Me gives your skin a moisture injection to get it glowing again.


Gold Holographic

Bling bling! Not only will this mask temporarily make you look like an Egyptian goddess (Instagram Story = MUST) but it will get your skin looking luminous in no time.

Silver Holographic

Make-up caking in your dry patches? Fix it, stat, with this nourishing shot of a mask — just smooth it on and let it work its hydrating magic.


Ho Ho Glow

This festival mask has you covered during that notoriously mad time in the run up to Christmas, when the jam-packed social calendar and cold weather can take their toll on your skin.


Man Eater

This is the SOS response call. Mega dry? Mega dull? Man Eater will sort all your skin woes in just a few minutes.


The packets are so adorbs and pop arty, we can never decide whether we want to Instagram them or use them… Probs both. Like, can not DEAL with your skin? You know where we are…

SOURCE: Primark

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