COVID-19 at Woking Shopping
What we are doing to keep you safe


We are getting ready to welcome you back!

We have introduced a number of new measures which puts safety first for every visitor to Woking Shopping as more stores prepare to reopen in the coming weeks.

The measures include one-way systems around the malls and limited queuing for both stores and services such as lifts.

We kindly request that all shoppers adhere to the government guidelines and follow the social distancing measures that we have put in place and keep to the left.


Limited queuing:

To help with queues in the malls, you will see the floor sticker below place outside of each of our stores.  If all of the stickers are occupied by a customer standing on them, we kindly ask that you come back once the queue has shortened and not to block the access to neighbouring stores and/or fire escapes.


One-Way system:

To ensure that we pro-actively manage the safety of all of our customers, we have implemented a one-way system on the malls as shown below. There are also yellow floor/lane markings to help show the direction of the traffic flow. We kindly request that all customers adhere to the systems put in place and ensure that they maintain a minimum of 2m social distancing on the malls and keep to the left. This may mean that you are inconvenienced, and we ask you to bear with us during these unprecedented times and help us to help keep you safe.  Please help us to help keep you safe and be respectful to our staff should they assist in managing these systems. 

Please note that any abuse towards any members of our staff and/or retail partners will not be tolerated



Enhanced cleaning regime and updated signage:

All of our cleaning processes and procedures have been updated, and the frequency of cleaning in high-risk areas has been increased to every 30 minutes.  The malls have also been treated with an electrostatic disinfection fogging system which will remove any bacteria and viruses from surfaces, contact areas and touchpoints before the centre is open to non-essential retail, all of which are designed to ensure maximum hygiene and safety in every area.





Lifts and Escalators:

Please ensure that you maintain social distancing when using both the lifts and escalators and make use of both the one-way system when entering and leaving them.  Due to the limited space within our lifts, both priority access and limited passenger numbers are in operation as per the signage below. Where applicable, please use the queuing system provided and maintain social distancing at all times.





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