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  Town Mall | UNIT 42
  Alex Bird

Work as a Sales Assistant for Vape Depot in our store in Woking

Above NMW plus bonus
 - Be a great salesman, seal the deal and offer additional products
 - Participate in our training programme and become a skilled salesperson
 - Perform well in your store and earn great bonuses together with your team
 - Be part of a unique and strong team culture in your store and company
 - Get the opportunity to make a fast and professional career in ELECTROMIST
 - Be part of a company and industry that is one of the fastest growing in the UK

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As a Sales Assistant in Vape Depot, you will have the following areas of responsibility:
 - Be a great salesperson and contribute to the overall performance of the store and the team.
 - Always be available to customers, offer a professional service by considering the customer’s situation and needs - and finding a solution to fulfil them.
 - Achieve and maintain an extensive knowledge of vaping industry and the vaping products and trends, and the skills to sell them.
 - Keep a high store standard, making sure it is always clean and inviting to customers.
 - Take care of your store, including the replenishing and arranging of products in such a way that the area always looks tidy and inspiring.
 - Participate in launching new campaigns and creating campaign signs.
 - Make sure stocks are sufficient for the next week.

This position is perfect for you if you...

 - Are ambitious and eager to generate sales and improve your skills
 - Are result-oriented and motivated by contributing to the performance of the entire team
 - Are industrious, punctual and willing to learn and develop
 - Are outgoing and enjoy meeting and interacting with customers
 - Be confident enough to run the store on your own.
 - Are a good and helpful colleague and team player
 - Have great energy, charisma and a positive mindset.



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