Falcons at Woking Shopping
They're Back! Tune into #FalconCam Now

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Back by popular demand! This year we're giving you not three but FOUR insights into life as a Peregrine Falcon with this year's installment of #FalconCam! 


Frequent flyers over the skies of Woking for over fifteen years we are delighted to see that this beautiful pair of Peregrine Falcons has made Woking Town Centre their home for three years in a specially designed nest box installed on the top of Export House, the tallest building in Woking. 


Tune in live to catch a glimpse of:


Peregrines are known to stoop (dive) through the air at speeds of nearly 200mph (320kph) making this protected species the fastest creature on the planet. Read more about the Peregrine Falcons and how this incredible bird of prey started breeding in Woking.



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